Welcome to No Shame Ever!

We’re glad that you’ve taken the time to visit with us. “No Shame Ever” is here to help fight and eliminate the stigma that befalls those suffering and struggling with mental health issues and challenges.

Our goal is to work diligently to educate, encourage and support those dealing with mental health concerns, while at the same time working to break down the barriers of the stigma that often is associated with mental illness.

The more authentic and real conversation that happens about mental illness, the more that the required knowledge and understanding gets out there.

People fear what they don’t know. Conversation, real conversation sheds light into darkness.

“What mental health needs is more sunlight, more candour, more unashamed conversation about illnesses that affect not only individuals, but their families as well.” – actress Glenn Close

Throughout the site, you’ll find articles, resources, encouragement and a number of other supports to help you along this journey.

Thanks for stopping by.