“No Shame Ever” fell out of an outdoor adventures blog I write called “justabitfurther”.┬áThat blog has started as a way to chronicle the outdoor adventures of my wife and myself.

As time went on, I found myself including more posts about being outdoors and how the outdoors and outdoor adventures helped to address the mental health challenges I faced a while back and still continue to wrestle with today.

All of this came to a forefront with the 2017 Canadian Mental Health Association #GETLOUD mental health week campaign.

That week brought back all the old memories of the stigma of mental illness that I was exposed to in the deepest and darkest moments of the illness back then.

During the CMHA mental health week, it came to me that maybe there was a way I could give something back.

That perhaps there were others like me, who right now are dealing with the stigma of mental illness and that maybe they need to know that there are others out there in the same boat; rowing to fight and stay afloat.

One of the themes that you’ll find through this website is the relationship between the outdoors and how it helped and continues to help me renew my mental well-being.

This is what “No Shame Ever” is about. That there is no shame in having a mental illness. No shame in getting outdoors to refuel and renew your mental wellness.

In fact, having a mental illness makes us stronger.

We have to fight each and every day; and in that there is no shame at all.